Dalish Days

Day 2

Coalan, could you stand downwind? The smell of cheap ale is making me nausious

AmbushLeaving Eshara in the capable hands of Sister Arda, the band set out to find the missing Dalish. It didn’t take them long to find trouble though; Coalan and a goon squad of angry villagers were waiting in ambush halfway down the trail.

Coalan is convinced that the adventurers are part of the “Dalish Menace”. Rounding up a gang of villagers, he waits on the trail for the adventurers to scare them away from Vintiver. Unfortunately for him, the party is much, much stronger than he anticipated. He and his goon squad are easily defeated.

RevengersWith dusk approaching the adventurers find the abandoned Dalish camp. Some of the wagons show signs of forced entry and there are patches of dried blood everywhere. No Dalish bodies are found, but the party finds footprints and drag marks leading into the forest. Deciding to rest at the camp for the night, the party moves the wagons into a defensive formation. When the sun fully sets the party hears strange noises coming from the forest: a sinister, almost hyena like laughter. Out of the woods burst 3 hideous creatures: Revengers.

A fierce battle ensues. The Revengers take their toll on the party, almost killing Mari before they were defeated.



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