Dalish Survivor


A bright and clever young elf woman, Eshara also proves to be quite brave and determined when given the responsibility of aiding her people.

She manages to escape from the clutches of the rage abomination and his minions, absconding with the broken Link of Rage, and making her way back to Vintiver in spite of the danger and the injuries she suffers in the process. She’s willing to trust outsiders and to accompany them back into certain danger to bring help to her fellow Dalish and to put an end to the threat looming over them and the human village as well.

Eshara is training to become a lorekeeper herself and is a devout believer in the elven gods, as shown by her facial tattoos. She is proud of her heritage and her people, but does not let her pride blind her to reality.

If outsiders—like the Player Characters—are willing to offer aid, then she is willing to accept and aid them in return.

If you want to introduce an element of romance into the adventure, Eshara might find herself inexplicably drawn to one of her rescuers. She likely tries to deny any romantic feelings for a non-elf, at least initially, but may admit or even act on those feelings, given the dangers everyone must face in this adventure. If not a Player Character, then Eshara may find herself drawn to the brave and humble Warden Tarl, providing a reason for her to remain behind in Vintiver, should you need one, either during or after the story ends.


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