Dalish Days

Day 2
Coalan, could you stand downwind? The smell of cheap ale is making me nausious

AmbushLeaving Eshara in the capable hands of Sister Arda, the band set out to find the missing Dalish. It didn’t take them long to find trouble though; Coalan and a goon squad of angry villagers were waiting in ambush halfway down the trail.

Coalan is convinced that the adventurers are part of the “Dalish Menace”. Rounding up a gang of villagers, he waits on the trail for the adventurers to scare them away from Vintiver. Unfortunately for him, the party is much, much stronger than he anticipated. He and his goon squad are easily defeated.

RevengersWith dusk approaching the adventurers find the abandoned Dalish camp. Some of the wagons show signs of forced entry and there are patches of dried blood everywhere. No Dalish bodies are found, but the party finds footprints and drag marks leading into the forest. Deciding to rest at the camp for the night, the party moves the wagons into a defensive formation. When the sun fully sets the party hears strange noises coming from the forest: a sinister, almost hyena like laughter. Out of the woods burst 3 hideous creatures: Revengers.

A fierce battle ensues. The Revengers take their toll on the party, almost killing Mari before they were defeated.

Day 1
Dalish Days: Something is afoot in the Brecilian Forest

Robin, Mari, and Whiskey Jack were travelling though southwest Ferelden, along the edge of the Brecilian Forest. On the rumour that a local Bann was offering reward for ridding his fief of darkspawn, the three friends were looking to make a name for themselves.

After passing by Vintiver they noticed carrion crows circling above a curiously abandoned farmstead. While investigating the farmyard they were attacked by 4 blight wolves. Unseasoned though they may be, Robin, Mari, and Whiskey Jack dispatch the wolves easily.

A thorough search of the farm finds only one survivor, an unconscious female Dalish elf. The rest of the farm dwellers had been slaughtered; torn to shreds by an unknown creature or creatures. The party decides to take the unconscious elf back to Vintiver to seek aide.

Upon retuning to Vintiver the party is assaulted by an angry mob of villagers. Led by Coalan, the local blacksmith, they demand that the elf be handed over to them so she may be brought to “justice”. Tivinter has been plagued by beasts unknown and the villagers think the Dalish are to blame. The party pleads with the mob, trying to convince them that there is no way that the elf they found could be behind the attacks. Sister Arda joins the adventurers cries for mercy, and convinces the crowd to leave the elf in her hands.

Under Sister Arda’s care, the elf slowly returns to consciousness, but is still very weak. Eshara tells the party what has happened in the area over the last while:
“As you may know, our band visited this village just two weeks ago, during their harvest festival. We were welcomed, then, but there was a bit of trouble: some of the locals had too much to drink, and there was a confrontation with some of our young men. Harsh words were exchanged, and Harralan, one of our hunters, attacked the big blacksmith. The village warden separated them before it could get out of hand, but still the damage was done. We were no longer welcome here and we moved on as soon as the festival ended.

“Harralan was angry at our treatment, but our elders assigned him the duty of scouting as we made our way through the Brecilian Forest, to give him time to cool off. He was the first to disappear—he simply didn’t return from his scouting one night. “Then other scouts and hunters began to go missing, as did the ones sent to look for them. The elders decided we should go back, but by then it was too late.

“Three days after Harralan disappeared, before we could reach the edge of the forest, they attacked our camp: darkspawn emerging from the trees in the dead of night. My people were taken. Those who fought were beaten or killed. I was captured along with the rest, taken to an ancient ruin in a rift valley deep in the forest, off the trails. The master of the darkspawn is a creature, an abomination. He calls himself Mythallen, which in our tongue means “child of vengeance”. I was brought before him, and then to his chambers. I managed to escape, taking the broken link of silver I found laid out as if on a shrine.

“The darkspawn pursued me, accompanied by a pack of baying beasts. I was wounded, but managed to avoid them, hiding among the trees and gullies in the forest for more than a day, always moving, never resting for long. I stumbled upon the farm where you found me and managed to conceal myself in the hayloft. I heard some of the farmers coming… The darkspawn must have attacked. I remember the terrible screams… Then nothing until you found me.

“Please… You must help my people! Mythallen and his creatures must be stopped!”

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